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Facing discrimination on swipe dating apps, black singles are turning to virtual speed dating events

Dating as a single black person is hard, and in the face of discrimination it’s easy to become frustrated and want to give up on finding love altogether. Proponents of typical modern dating opportunities like swipe-based mobile apps suggest that the issue isn’t as widespread as it may seem, but what does the dating scene actually look like for black singles in America, and how can such individuals break out of spaces that aren’t working for them? Read on to find out more about the black singles who are turning to virtual speed dating events to find love, and turning their backs on the traditional swipe-based dating apps that no longer serve them.

The Challenges Faced By Black Single Women

Black singles face a myriad of challenges when it comes to dating, but these difficulties are particularly amplified for black women. Across America, black women have experienced some of the worst moments of the dating experience, from harmful microaggressions to blatant racist abuse and fetishization. Wider society’s hyper-sexualization of black bodies and the perpetuation of racist stereotyping in film, music, and art, tends to manifest in dating app messages delivered without consequence – “can you twerk?” is one of the most commonly asked questions to black women simply looking for genuine, respectful relationships.

Often, these experiences significantly shape the narrative around the dating experience of black women, which leaves some suggesting that black women are disproportionately single compared to black men, or women of other races. However, this damaging statistic is not only untrue, but it also leads to further racial and gender stereotyping in the media.

In fact, the reason black women struggle to date successfully in modern America is more due to the limited opportunities they have to meet emotionally available, single men.

The Problem With Traditional Dating For Black Women

The challenge of black women to find suitable partners is partly due to general demographic trends, but can also be attributed to the impact of traditional approaches to dating. Some of the most pertinent issues include the mental distress and dissatisfaction that comes with swipe-based dating applications.

  • Increased mental distress

Studies have shown that swipe-based dating applications are a common cause of mental distress, with users reporting higher-than-average levels of anxiety and depression compared to individuals who do not use such applications.

  • Dissatisfaction with swipe-based dating apps

Even among those who use swipe-based dating apps, despite the negative impact they can have on their users’ mental health, there is still significant dissatisfaction, particularly for black singles. A highly concerning four out of five adults experience burnout or emotional fatigue from online dating.

So, what does this mean for people who want more from their dating experience?

Changing Times And The Benefits For Black Singles

Fortunately, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Single people, especially black men, and women, now have the opportunity to explore new speed dating apps that prioritize building deeper connections and meeting in person. For example, the Abto app is organizing dedicated speed dating events for black singles in Chicago, NYC, London, Atlanta, and other cities, and this approach is beneficial for those from marginalized communities to come together and meet new people in a way that is respectful of their culture. Having dedicated events designed to bring individuals together, virtually or in person, not only helps to break down the barriers faced by black singles but also frees black women from the damaging stereotypes and fetishization that they experience on swipe-based applications.

Dating in the modern age isn’t easy, especially for black women, but through the rise of community-based apps like Abto, black singles can form genuine connections in safe spaces designed for them. For those tired of the same old dating apps that are so often filled with racist aggression and the hyper-sexualization of black singles, the time to reclaim the dating experience is now.

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